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Merchant FAQ

How do I download ShipTection?

You can download ShipTection here: ShipTection App.


Does ShipTection work with all themes and apps?

Yes! If a certain theme or app is interfering with ShipTection, please email and we’ll help you get squared away.


Can ShipTection help install ShipTection on my site? 

Yes, after downloading ShipTection, please email and we’ll have a technical resource install it for you.


What platforms does ShipTection work with?

We're currently on Shopify and plan to expand to other platforms soon. 


What is covered?

ShipTection covers against lost, damaged, stolen, and missing items. You can see what's covered here: ShipTection Policy


How do my customers file claims?

Customers can email or can file a claim here: Claims Portal.

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