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Shipping protection built for your brand

How it works

Download the ShipTection app in the Shopify marketplace ShipTection App and we’ll integrate with your theme and checkout experience.

Customers can purchase ShipTection at checkout.

When a customer has a shipping issue (lost, damaged, or stolen), they can reach out to the ShipTection team and we’ll make sure they get a replacement or refund fast.

You’ll collect ShipTection revenue throughout the month and ShipTection will bill you for a portion of the revenue collected. All billing is done via Shopify and ShipTection charges will be included in your monthly statement.

Why ShipTection

Simple Claims Process - Painless claims process for customers with a 90 filing window and no apps to download. Customers upload documentation and receive a replacement/refund within 24 hours. 


Generous Revenue Share - As a merchant, you’ll keep a portion of the shipping revenue collected as a marketing fee. 

No Cross Marketing - Plain and simple - we don’t spam your customers with endless emails or requests to download apps.

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